critical thinking

How much time do you spend on critical thinking? Most people never take their most powerful muscle to new levels. In this episode, Patrick asks a critical thinking question that will cause you to exercise your mind. This is Valuetainment Weekly.

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Valuetainment Weekly Episode #84: Everything in life is math. Have you ever thought about that? In high school, teachers always said “math is one of the most important subjects in life” but when you left high school or college did you still feel that way or did you ask yourself “why did they teach me all those formulas and theories”? In this episode of Valuetainment Weekly, Patrick discusses how everything in life can be summed up to a mathematical explanation.

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leaders and leaners

Valuetainment Weekly #82 In every organization there is an eighty and twenty percentile of people who either LEAD or LEAN. What is the difference between a leader and leaner? Find out in this weeks episode of Valuetainment Weekly with Patrick Bet-David.

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how leaders annoy their team

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #81

As a leader, has anyone ever annoyed you? Are you annoying your people? In this episode, Patrick shares the two things that annoy the people that you are leading and what you can do about it.


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Watch the episode to see if you won the $25 or $50 raffle or if you were top reviewer for July’s book Think and Grow Rich.

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motivational picture

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #77

Has anyone ever said things to you that hurt or that you’ve never forgotten. The truth is that so many people hold on to lies that have been said to them all their life and more often than not, they allow those lies to determine their success or outlook about life and about themselves. In this episode, Patrick shares a heartfelt message to all those who are living with those lies; “You are so special of a human being”. Please like, share and thanks for watching.

How to Give Constructive Criticism

The best advice on how to give someone constructive criticism. In this episode of Valuetainment Weekly, Patrick shares 8 points on How to Give Constructive Criticism that works in most situations and all types of work environments, sports and careers.

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #72

What point would you add to this list?

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